Frequently Asked Questions

What does WYNIT Distribution do?
We are a leading North American wholesale distributor of products from the world’s most recognizable brands in the consumer electronics, photo, specialty printing, security and sports & recreation industries. We serve thousands of customers, including the largest retailers, independent resellers and a wide range of technology integrators.

What is wholesale distribution?
WYNIT built its business around a two-tier wholesale distribution model. The WYNIT Mission is to improve the competitive position of the company’s customers and suppliers. By working with WYNIT, manufacturers can focus on producing new products and resellers can focus on delivering the experience their customers expect.

In the WYNIT model, resellers purchase products through their distribution partner as opposed to direct from the manufacturer. WYNIT offers many of the support services that the manufacturer would normally provide such as sales support, technical support, education, training, and financial services. WYNIT extends the reach of their suppliers’ sales organizations. The WYNIT team views their customers as their suppliers’ customers who are on loan for safe keeping.

What is a “category destination”?
A category destination is a source that manufacturers and resellers depend on when introducing new technologies such as 3D printing, wearable’s, and UAVs (drones) to market. Since 1987, WYNIT Distribution has successfully identified the latest new products and categories that support the trends in consumer demand. WYNIT Distribution developed this model with the goal of making emerging technology categories more accessible to resellers and retailers by taking the pain out of sourcing components to create a complete technology solution to meet end-users’ needs in the field.

WYNIT is a category destination for emerging technology and products with a proven track record of launching innovative product categories including digital cameras, memory and storage, connected home, GPS, wearable technology, health and wellness, wide format printing, 3D printing, and UAVs (drones). With 28 years of experience as a top distributor of brands such as 3D Robotics, Canon, Epson, Fitbit, Leatherman, Hewlett Packard, SanDisk, and TomTom, the WYNIT team knows how to cultivate strong supplier and retailer relationships.

What is a technology category?
A technology category is a set of technologies united by a common feature, for example being worn on the human body, using additive manufacturing to make products, or flying autonomously. Current examples of technology categories for which WYNIT Distribution is the category destination are:
• 3D Printing
• Connected Home
• Consumer software
• Drones
• Consumer electronics
• Memory& storage
• Marine electronics
• Photography and Imaging
• Security
• Specialty Printing
• Direct to Garment Printing
• Sporting Goods and Outdoor Gear
• Wearable Tech

What is WYNIT Distribution’s Supplier Relationship Philosophy?
The Customers we serve are our suppliers’ customer on loan to us for safe keeping.

What is WYNIT Distribution’s Customer Relationship Philosophy?
With unparalleled service, world-class expertise and personalized solutions, our goal is to deliver a superior experience to our customers from every level of our organization.

What does CE&A Mean?
“CE&A” stands for consumer electronics and accessories. Consumer electronics refers to any device containing an electronic circuit board that is intended for everyday use by individuals. Accessories are products that add value to a consumer electronics device. An example is a case (an accessory) that protects a mobile phone (a consumer electronics device).

How do I apply for a job at WYNIT Distribution?
If you want to work for WYNIT, check for open postings. We keep these up-to-date with the most current job openings.

WYNIT Distribution, LLC is a growing organization that thrives on the talent and dedication of the people that make up our organization. Since 1987, our employees have been our greatest asset, and we owe our success to the great people we hire.

At every level of the company—from our headquarters to our distribution centers—our employees share one mission: to “Improve the competitive position of our customers and suppliers.” In order to build on our success, we are looking to recruit talented individuals to join our dynamic environment.

What do I need to do to buy from WYNIT?
You need a valid resale certificate. You also need to complete our credit application. For complete details, click on “Become A Reseller” on the main menu or call 800.GO.WYNIT and ask to speak to a sales representative.

What types of credit terms do you offer?
WYNIT offers a wide variety of terms including:
• Open accounts-Net terms for qualified customers
• Cashier’s check/COD/Company check
• Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express
• Letters of credit
• Floor planning

Do you drop-ship?
WYNIT offers a wide variety of shipping options including drop shipments, and custom packing slips. So not only do we drop ship, but we can use your own logos to create custom packing slips making it look as though the product shipped directly from you.

Do you have a retail outlet where you can sell to end users?
No. WYNIT is a distributor and because of the contracts we have signed with our vendors, we are not allowed to sell to end users. Only authorized resellers with valid reseller’s certificates are allowed to purchase from WYNIT.

Will I have an dedicated sales representative?
Yes! At WYNIT, we believe each customer deserves personal attention. You will be assigned a dedicated sales representative that will handle your questions, quotes and orders from the first time you call. Your account representative will work with you to process your orders quickly and efficiently. Your account representative will get to know your business and be able to help you find a mix of products that is right for your specific business needs.

Can you send me a price list?
WYNIT is a distributor with thousands of products rotating on a consistent basis. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are ready to find your price quickly and conveniently by calling 800.GO.WYNIT.

I have a product I believe would be the perfect fit for WYNIT to sell. How do I make that happen?
WYNIT’s Product Management department handles all new vendor relations. They can be contacted at

I received a product that is not working properly. How do I return it?
Defective merchandise, unfortunately, is an inevitability. Fortunately, our customer service department is ready to assist you with your return. Contact them by calling 800.GO.WYNIT or email them at

Please note that the following items may not be returned:
• Discontinued items, Special Order items, and Consumables
• Items for which manufacturers will not accept returns
• Items not purchased from WYNIT Distribution, LLC
• Items which have undergone revisions w/out being assigned a new part # by the manufacturer

All returns must have the complete Return Authorization Number (RA#) prominently displayed on the shipping label in order to be received into our warehouse. If the RA# is not visible, your shipment may be refused. Re-box all returns in appropriate shipping cartons. All original packaging, materials, accessories, manuals and booklets must be returned with the product.

Returns are for replacement only. Replacement credit will be issued at the original purchase price or current selling price, whichever is lower. All non-defective items returned are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

WYNIT reserves the right to require the purchaser to return the defective goods directly to the manufacturer for replacement.

I placed an order that has not arrived yet. How do I get a tracking number?
You can obtain a tracking number for your order by contacting your WYNIT Sales Representative.

How familiar are you with the products you sell?
To remain in the lead, you need to know all there is about the equipment you sell. The WYNIT team of technology specialists will keep you informed on all of the latest equipment so you can stay ahead of the competition. WYNIT account personnel are factory trained, and can answer all of questions quickly and reliably to keep you one step ahead of your competition.