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I.R.I.S. is an industry leader in providing people and businesses with innovative document management solutions all over the world. From scanners to software, I.R.I.S. products and technologies increase customer productivity by helping them better manage their documents.

As an I.R.I.S. distributor, WYNIT can help your business grow by offering a wide range of I.R.I.S products, including the I.R.I.S. IRISCard Anywhere 5 Card Scanner and the I.R.I.S. IRISnotes Express 2 Digital Pen.

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IRIScan Mouse–You Swipe, it Scans!

Scanning has never been simpler thanks to the all-in-one scanner and mouse IRIScan™ Mouse. Your scanner lies at your fingertips all day long! Just click on the scan button, swipe in any direction on a paper document and watch texts and images appear instantaneously on your computer screen! Thanks to OCR technology, any texts on the image you scanned is recognized.

The IRIScan Mouse also features an all-in-one, full-featured mouse, allowing you to drag and drop texts and images into your favorite applications. You can then edit scanned texts directly into Word, Outlook, Excel, etc. The Worldwide OCR scanning solution also scans and recognizes paper documents in more than 130 languages, including Asian languages, Russian and Arabic.

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