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Why Choose Ink Mill?

Ink Mill Corporation is a high quality ink manufacturer for Ink Jet applications. Made in the USA, Ink Mill’s latest technology offers best-in-class OEM ink solutions for Solvent Based, UV Curable and BIO-Solvent based inks.

As an Ink Mill distributor, WYNIT Distribution, LLC can help your business grow by offering inks valued for their high quality and consistency.

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Ink Mill Ink Cartridges

Ink Mill Cartridges

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Ink Mill 1L & 1/2L Bottles

Ink Mill 1L & 1/2L Bottles

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Introducing Ink Mill UV Curable Inks

Achieve higher performance compared to OEM inks. Ink Mill’s Ultra Low Energy UV Curable Inks use the latest technology to provide greatly reduced tire tracking, greatly improved color gamut and image quality with excellent adhesion performance. Don’t let the OEM ink prevent you from reaching the full potential of these printers!

Fast curing at low energy levels allows Ink Mill users to reduce their lamp power, thereby allowing more print media options. Some substrates are very heat sensitive and have not been previously viable for UV curable printing. However, now with Ink Mill Ultra Low Energy UV Curable Inks, these medias can effectively be used. Other benefits to this product are increased abrasion, adhesion, and overall performance and image quality of printed output.

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