A computer input device, such as a graphics (or pen) tablet, enables a user to “hand draw” images and graphics, similar to the way a person draws images with a pencil and paper. These tablets may also be used to capture data or handwritten signatures. The device consists of a flat surface upon which the user may “draw” or trace an image using a stylus, an input tool that improves the precision of touch input, allowing use of smaller user interface elements. In this article, we will explore how graphics tablets work and who can benefit from them. See our selection of graphics tablets.

How Does a Graphics Tablet Work?

Graphics tablets, because of their stylus-based interface and ability to detect some or all of pressure, tilt and other attributes of the stylus and its interaction with the tablet, are widely considered to offer a very natural way to create computer graphics, especially two-dimensional computer graphics. Indeed, many graphics packages can make use of the pressure (and, sometimes, stylus tilt or rotation) information generated by a tablet, by modifying the brush size, shape, opacity, color or other attribute based on data received from the graphics tablet.

Who Can Benefit from a Graphics Tablet?


intuos proGraphics tablets are also very commonly found in the artistic world. Using a pen on a graphics tablet combined with a graphics-editing program, such as Adobe® Photoshop, gives artists a lot of precision while creating digital drawings.

Photographers can also find working with a graphics tablet during their post processing can really speed up tasks like creating a detailed layer mask or dodging and burning.

Tablets are also popular for technical drawings and CAD, as one can typically put a piece of paper on them without interfering with their function.

Wacom Intuos®

Designed for creativity, the Wacom Intuos® Pen Tablet allows users to experience a more expressive and intuitive way of working with your computer. With the innovative Wacom Intuos Creative Pen Tablet, you can create digitally with natural comfort, precision and feel of traditional brushes and pencils. The Intuos also features:

  • Pressure-sensitive, battery-free pen with two programmable switches
  • Multi-touch gestures that allow users to zoom, scroll and navigate
  • Application-specific ExpressKeys that can be setup for time-saving shortcuts
  • Ergonomic and slim design that are comfortable and designed for ambidextrous use
  • Easy setup that enables connection to PC or Mac through a USB connection
  • Included valuable bundled software from industry leaders

Wacom Intuos® Pro

Combining the finest pen capabilities with natural multi-touch gestures, the Wacom Intuos® Pro Pen Tablet gives users the precision and control that is necessary when using professional software. Along with the user-defined Touch Ring that provides intuitive scrolling, zooming and layer selection, the Intuos Pro also features:

  • Pen pressure performance with 2,048 levels of sensitivity for exacting control
  • Included wireless kit with USB connectivity to cut down on cord clutter
  • ExpressKeys that enable unique, time-saving shortcuts and modifiers
  • Wacom tip sensor that captures stroke with only a single gram of pen pressure
  • Intuos Pen Pro Grip Pen that offers a contoured barrel for a natural feel
  • Included valuable bundled software from industry leaders

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