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iON is an industry-leading manufacturer of action cameras and accessories for professional and amateur photographers, adventurers, adrenalin junkies and recreational sports enthusiasts alike. From Wi-Fi cameras to mounts, iON products are known for their high performance, quality and reliability.

As an iON action camera distributor, WYNIT Distribution, LLC can help your business grow by offering great products like iON the Game and iON Air Pro™ Speed.

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iON Product Catalog

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iON Air Pro™ Wi-Fi Lite

One of the lightest WiFi-enabled HD action cameras, the iON Air Pro™ Wi-Fi Lite weighs only 130 grams, giving it the most ergonomic footprint amongst leading competitors. Waterproof up to 30ft, the Air Pro Wi-Fi Lite also comes equipped with a waterproof microphone to enable high-quality audio while offering protection from the elements—the device does not need additional casing!

The Air Pro Wi-Fi Lite also includes the iON Wi-Fi PODZ™ for real time shoot & share capability, and the simple-to-use one-touch function allows simultaneous camera start and record with just one finger. The wide-angle lens also provides the ability to record in HD with a field view of up to 170°.

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