Why Choose Midland?

Known in the 70s for CB radios, Midland has grown into an international industry leader in wireless communications. From weather alert radios to two-way radios, Midland has manufactured superior quality consumer products for over 50 years in several product categories.

As a Midland distributor, WYNIT Outdoor can help your business grow by offering great Midland products, including Midland XT511 Base Camp 2-Way Radios and Midland WR-300 Clock Radios.

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Midland Two-Way Radios

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Midland Weather Alert Radios

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Midland Product Catalog

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How Does a Weather Alert Radio Work?

Meteorologists use the latest technology to constantly monitor weather patterns so they can send out an alert quickly. The alert is automatically converted from text and broadcasted straight to Midland Weather Alert Radios within seconds. The alert then gives important instructions by connecting directly to the National Weather Service Warning Network.

Customers keep Midland weather radios in their homes and on the road in order to stay safe by being prepared with early warnings. Many Midland radios offer users the ability to customize warnings to receive the ones they want. They also have programmable siren levels to adjust the volume of the alerts, making them essential precautionary tools for any emergency situation.

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