In today’s busy world, it is important to protect the people and places that are important to us. Whether monitoring schools, public transportation, retail stores, businesses or our homes, network video surveillance solutions provide people with peace of mind and added security. Network cameras have the ability to connect to any kind of IP network, such as the Internet, which enables remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world. Network cameras also offer features such as motion and audio detection, tampering alarms and more. In this article, we review the different types of network cameras, their functions and benefits.

Fixed Network Cameras


P1357 Axis Security CameraFixed network cameras provide a wide range of surveillance applications. Although the viewing direction is set once the camera is mounted, there are several different types of lenses that enable increased flexibility, such as a varifocal lens. A fixed network camera often features a traditional camera design.

Perfect for use in airports, banks and shops, the Axis P1357-E Fixed Network Camera features precise iris control for optimal image clarity and H.264 compression. It also offers day/night functionality, which allows high image quality to be maintained, even in low-light conditions.

Fixed Dome Network Cameras


m3014 axis dome security camera

Fixed dome network cameras boast a compact design and are often used when discreet surveillance is necessary. Like the name would suggest, a fixed dome camera features a dome casing, which makes it difficult to tell which direction the camera is pointing, and also offers protection against defocusing.

Ideal for retail stores, hotels and schools, the Axis M3014 Fixed Dome Network Camera is highly discreet and easy to install. It features 360°/180° panoramic views, along with HDTV performance. This dome camera also provides a vandal- and dust-resistant design for long-lasting use.

PTZ Cameras


Axis PTZ 212 CameraPTZ cameras provide pan, tilt and zoom capabilities for wide area coverage and great details when zooming in. These type of cameras may support Gatekeeper functionality, tour recording or autotracking. They also sometimes include input/output ports for external alarm devices.

For surveillance of premises up to 1600ft2, the Axis 212 PTZ Network Camera is a great option for whole area coverage. This PTZ camera is the only one of its kind that provides full overview and instant, one-click pan/tilt/zoom. It features no moving parts and a sharp and maintained resolution.

Covert Network Cameras


Axis P1214-ECovert network cameras allow reliable identification, and they feature a unique design that allows them to blend in with a wide variety of environments. Since they are able to meet a large number of unusual requirements, they can be covertly mounted for flexibility and installation.

Able to blend in for hidden surveillance in banks, ATMs and stores, the Axis P1214-E Network Camera features a unique and functional design that offers high-performance monitoring in a small size. Comprised of a main unit and a separate sensor unit, this camera can be mounted up to 26 ft. away.

Thermal Network Cameras


security-camera-article-Q1922-EThermal network cameras create images that are based on the heat that radiates from any object, vehicle or person. Because of this technology, thermal cameras have the ability to see through challenging conditions or in complete darkness in order to detect suspicious activity.

For high-quality detection and wide-range coverage, the Axis Q1922-E Thermal Network Camera is a perfect complement to any network video system that requires 24-hour-a-day surveillance. This camera features thermal imaging for a variety of weather conditions and intelligent video capabilities.