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From electromagnetic locks like the ultra-durable M32 and M62, to exit bars and devices, power supplies, digital entry systems and much more, Securitron offers an ever-expanding line of electrified locking systems and access control components backed by a lifetime warranty

As a Securitron distributor, WYNIT Distribution, LLC can help your business grow by offering a wide range of Securitron products including electromagnetic locks, electromechanical locks and other products and accessories.

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Led Lenser Flashlights

Electromagnetic Locks

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Electromechanical Locks

Electromechanical Locks

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Securitron Product Catalog

Securitron Product Catalog

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The PowerJump ICPT

The Securitron PowerJump ICPT is our latest solution to delivering power in a whole new way.

This video provides an introduction to the PowerJump product and how it delivers power by transferring energy across a door gap without wires for an easy-to-install alternative to core drilling the door. Jump the gap with PowerJump ICPT.