A Smart Home Technology Distributor

As one of the largest wholesale distributors of  smart home technology and products in the United States, WYNIT  offers a unique experience to its customers by delivering expert advice, customized solutions and world-class distribution capabilities.

From smart thermostats and lighting solutions to home monitoring cameras and leak alert systems, we can help your business deliver the newest and most exciting product category for the home.

Category Expertise

Based out of Greenville, SC, our team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to providing customized solutions for our customers. In today’s competitive market, the experts at WYNIT offer insight into the latest trends in the smart home technology space, including:

  • IP Cameras
  • Smart Home dimmers and switches
  • Smart Home Energy Monitoring
  • Smart Home light bulbs
  • Smart Home Sensors
  • Smart Home Technology Software
  • Smart Home Thermostats

Ready to Learn More?

WYNIT can support your business with a wide portfolio of smart home products. To learn more about how we can help you win with your customers by offering them the latest in smart home technologies, contact one of our sales representatives today!

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