The SOG Difference

SOG products are designed using leading edge technology in order to meet and exceed consumer and customer  expectations. Below you’ll find examples and descriptions of high-quality SOG products proudly offered by WYNIT Outdoor to help position your business more competitively in your industry.

SOG is the world’s leader of specialized blades. From fixed blades to folding knives, all of SOG’s blades offer superior sharpness, styling, feel and balance. This is why the US Navy SEALs and other elite forces choose to carry SOG blades on fronts around the world.

Multipurpose Tools
SOG owners don’t just love their multipurpose tools; they depend on them every day for the expected and the unexpected. From can and bottle openers and flat screwdrivers, to needle nose pliers and wire cutters, SOG has a tool for every task.

SOG is committed to supplying its customers with the tools and gear needed for every situation life throws at you. Whether it’s a camp ax or a handy flashlight, SOG has what you’ll need to brave the elements.

From sharpeners that work with all SOG knives to multi-tool components, sheaths and pouches, SOG offers a wide variety of accessories to suit your customers’ needs.

SOG torches and flashlights pierce the night. As the brightest flashlights of their size, the SOG line of flashlights are of the highest quality, engineered for optimum reliability and are ergonomically superior.