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Founded in 1991, TomTom is a leading provider of navigation and location-based products and services. Whether it’s with a portable navigation device or a vehicle mount, TomTom helps get 45 million people where they need to be every day and decreases journey times.

As a TomTom distributor, WYNIT Distribution, LLC can help your business grow in today’s market by offering great products from TomTom, including TomTom GPS Sport Watches and the TomTom VIA Series.

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How Does TomTom Traffic Get You There Fastest?

TomTom Traffic outperforms competition on four check points of traffic quality


The total road network comprises highways, major roads, secondary and residential roads. TomTom Traffic covers 100% of mapped roads.*


*Competitor using RDS-TMC Traffic, the most commonly used traffic information service. Numbers valid as of March 2014.



TomTom Traffic uses crowdsourced data from more than 400 million data sources around the world.


accuracy of reports

With each new update, TomTom Traffic pinpoints where jams start and end precisely down to 30 feet.



TomTom Traffic delivers the most accurate traffic information every two minutes.



Live Traffic

TomTom’s live traffic map is powered by TomTom Traffic™  – the most accurate traffic information available online.

Only TomTom takes existing traffic information and enhances it using anonymous data from 80 million mobile phone users on the road and 1.6 million connected TomTom devices. This makes TomTom’s Traffic revolutionary – able to deliver the world’s most accurate traffic information.

See a sample of live traffic area in your area by entering your zip code below.