Transcend Industrial Solutions

For over 20 years, Transcend has produced high reliability DRAM memory modules and flash-based devices for use in both commercial and industrial environments. Leveraging years of industrial-grade manufacturing expertise, Transcend has built a great reputation as one of the world’s most innovative developers of high quality and reliable industrial-grade memory devices.

As a Transcend distributor, WYNIT Distribution, LLC can help your business grow by offering a wide range of Transcend products, including Industrial CF Cards, Industrial SD cards, SATA Flash Modules, PATA Flash Modules, USB Flash Modules, Industrial Solid State Drives and mSATA Solid State Drives. All products are designed for industrial customers requiring extreme reliability and endurance.

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Excellent Industrial Products and Solutions

Transcend’s industrial-grade products offer a number of features for extreme endurance, enhanced reliability, and superior performance. Transcend’s industrial-grade products are designed to provide extended product life, enhanced error-free usage, lower total cost of ownership and significant improvements in read and write operations within a wide range of applications, including those that require a high level of small random file access.

  • Quality: Transcend qualifies all components and tests all industrial-grade products in all stages of production.
  • Expertise: Transcend has an experienced in-house R&D team.
  • Compatibility: Transcend customizes most industrial-grade products, can lock the bill-of-materials, and guarantees 100% compatibility.
  • Reliability: Transcend is one of the top memory product manufacturers in the world.
  • Convenience: Transcend provides a wide range of IPC solutions for thousands of systems.