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VIVOTEK is a leading manufacturer of security solutions. With a comprehensive product lineup that includes network cameras and video recorders, VIVOTEK continues to deliver reliable, practical and state-of-the-art IP surveillance solutions to the global market.

As a VIVOTEK distributor, WYNIT Distribution, LLC can help your business grow by offering great products, including the VIVOTEK IP8362 Network Camera and the VIVOTEK NR8201 Network Video Recorder.

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VIVOTEK NR8201 Network Video Recorder

VIVOTEK NR8201 Network Video Recorder offers an elegant recording solution for VIVOTEK network cameras and performs real-time monitoring and recording simultaneously. It provides multiple recording modes including alarm recording, scheduled recording, manual recording and continuous recording.

The installation is very simple as the camera is able to be inserted automatically when it’s plugged in. It also offers a user-friendly interface for the user to configure the network settings and the camera control.