Cintiq 22HD touch

The Cintiq 22HD touch and its 21.5” full HD display feels like nothing less than a natural extension of your senses, offering creative professionals the option to use hand gestures on screen with leading creative software. Combining your Cintiq interactive pen display with touch-enabled software provides a “hands-on” creative experience that is more immersive while you work.

The Cintiq 22HD touch is compatible with both Mac and PC, works seamlessly with your computer’s configurations, and is easy to accessorize with an array of compatible pens, grips and pen tips, so you can easily alternate between using a pen and gestures on screen to give you a powerful two-handed digital workflow.


About the Cintiq 22HD touch

Included in the Cintiq 22HD touch package:

• Cintiq 22HD interactive pen and touch display
• Adjustable Display Stand
• Grip Pen
• Desktop Pen Stand
• Ten replacement pen nibs and nib removal tool
• DVI-I to DVI-D cable adaptor
• USB cable
• AC power adaptor
• Quick Start Guide and User Manual
• Installation CD (includes driver software and electronic manual)
• Software download key for Free creative software (downloads)


• The combination of a 21.5″ HD, wide-format LCD, multi-touch functionality and industry-leading pen input capabilities
allows photographers, designers, and other creative professionals to work naturally and intuitively directly on the
surface of the display
• The multi-touch functionality of the Cintiq 22HD touch gives you the freedom to quickly position and navigate your artwork
with natural, intuitive gestures right on the screen
• The 21.5” HD (1920×1080) display features a wide format, full HD resolution and extra wide viewing angle
• Rotate your display up-to 180° in either direction to suit your natural arm movements, or recline the stand from 10° to 65°
• The Cintiq 22HD touch pressure- and tilt-sensitive Grip Pen gives you control over pressure-sensitive brush effects, such
as line weight, opacity, and exposure
• Featuring Wacom’s advanced Tip Sensor, the Grip Pen recognizes your slightest nuance of pressure, so you can capture
every subtly in your stroke
• The Grip Pen’s customizable side switches allow you to program common functions into the pen itself. There is a
programmable digital eraser on the back of the pen
• With an ambidextrous design, the Cintiq 22HD touch features sixteen programmable ExpressKeys (eight on either side)
that put convenient keyboard shortcuts and modifiers right at your fingertips
• The two rear-mounted Touch Strips provide a natural way to zoom, scroll and change brush size
• Cintiq comes bundled with valuable creative software from leading software manufacturers such as Adobe®, Autodesk®,
Corel®, Smith Micro® and Nik®