About The Whistler Group, Inc.

Over the past four decades Whistler has built a brand that stands for quality, innovation and proven performance. Since its founding, whistler has maintained an industry leadership position by offering an expansive line of auto accessories, from power inverters to inspection cameras.

As a Whistler distributor, WYNIT can help your business grow by offering a wide variety of Whistler products, including the Whistler System Diagnostic Device and the Whistler XTR-695SE Radar/Laser Detector.

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whistler featured products

Whistler Radar Detectors

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whistler featured products

Whistler Helmet Safety Light

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Whistler MotoGlo Motorcycle Helmet Safety Light

MotoGlo Motorcycle Helmet Safety Light provides increased visibility of rider, with running lights, brake lights, and turn signal indicators and improved rider safety.

• Wireless Operation (transmitter module must be installed on motorcycle)
• Easy Installation
• Low Profile Design
• 10 Ultra Bright LEDs Indicate Braking and Signaling
• Rechargeable Self Contained Battery
• Module may be paired and support 2 helmets

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