North Syracuse, NY – June 17, 2014 – WYNIT Distribution, LLC announced today a new partnership with Leapfrog, a leading manufacturer of easy-to-use, high quality 3D printers designed for use by businesses, educational institutions and consumers.

Leapfrog 3D printers are built with best-in-class materials, using laser-cut aluminum construction and offer both single-extruder or dual-extruder options. This high quality manufacturing approach makes it possible for Leapfrog’s 3D printers to consistently print high quality objects using either PLA or ABS filament materials. Leapfrog’s 3D printers come pre-assembled and calibrated with software that helps make their machines easy to get started with.

WYNIT will also partner with Leapfrog to offer their education curriculums for 3D printing to educational systems across the country. These curriculums, which are designed for various age groups, will provide clear and extensive materials to guide students and teachers through their 3D printing lessons and help make 3D printing an educational and fun experience for all who work with them.

“We are extremely excited to have teamed up with Leapfrog to help bring their 3D printer lineup to our dealer community” said Sarah Segrest, Business Development Analyst for the WYNIT Technical Graphics Division. “We are looking forward to introducing their technology and educational curriculums to our customers across the country and helping make 3D printing a more broadly adopted technology”

Under the new agreement, WYNIT Distribution, LLC will make Leapfrog’s line of 3D printers and education curriculums available to authorized resellers in the United States.

About Leapfrog 3D Printers

Leapfrog 3D Printers is a producer of plug and play and affordable 3D printers situated in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands. According to Brandon Davis, CEO Leapfrog America, “We aim to continuously bring the most advanced techniques in 3D printing available and affordable to a broad audience. Our customers are at the heart of our business: we learn from their experiences and help them to uncover the applications for 3D printing suited for their business. We share the knowledge we gain through publications as well as through our business consulting services in which we analyze the value chain of a business to see where desktop 3D printing can add value for them.”

About WYNIT Distribution, LLC

WYNIT Distribution, LLC is a leading national distributor of products from the top national brands in the consumer electronics, photo, wide format printing, security and outdoor leisure and adventure industries. Based in North Syracuse, NY the company serves a wide range of customers ranging from large national retailers to independent resellers through dedicated business units and strategically located distribution facilities in Memphis, TN and Reno, NV. Founded in 1987 WYNIT Distribution, LLC’s mission is to improve the competitive position of its customers and suppliers.

About WYNIT Technical Graphics

Based out of Greenville, SC, WYNIT Technical Graphics is one of the largest wholesale distributors of wide format, commercial printing, and now 3D printing solutions in the United States. From wide format printers to finishing equipment and color management software, the WYNIT Technical Graphics team offers a complete solution to our customers, providing them everything they need to open shop.

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