North Syracuse, NY – August 28, 2013 – WYNIT Distribution, LLC announced today a new exclusive supplier relationship with GlobaTrac, LLC, the designer and manufacturer of Trakdot™, a cutting-edge positioning solution that provides worldwide location reporting for luggage.

“Trakdot is designed to offer peace of mind when travelling by air,” said Dave Dawson, Buyer for WYNIT’s Product Management team. “This device conveniently enables consumers to locate their checked-in luggage upon arrival when they land.”

Under the agreement, WYNIT Distribution, LLC will offer Trakdot™ to authorized resellers. The device features an artificial intelligence that complies with FAA regulations, shutting off its transmit-and-receive capability and entering “airplane mode” by employing a solid-state accelerometer that senses sustained acceleration. The FCC-approved Trakdot™ is completely international, and works wherever a cellular network exists.

About GlobaTrac, LLC:

Officially formed in early 2012 with corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, GlobaTrac, LLC licenses and sells advanced technology and applications to wholesale and retail providers. The company’s mission is to enable consumers to enjoy affordable worldwide freedom over features and functionality regardless of their mobile device or international location. The solution will deliver global mobile independence to the consumer and world-changing applications to mankind.

About WYNIT Distribution, LLC:

WYNIT Distribution, LLC is a leading national distributor of products from the top national brands in the consumer electronics, photo, wide format printing, security and outdoor leisure and adventure industries. Based in North Syracuse, NY the company serves a wide range of customers ranging from large national retailers to independent resellers through dedicated business units and strategically located distribution facilities in Memphis, TN and Reno, NV. Founded in 1987 WYNIT Distribution, LLC’s mission is to improve the competitive position of its customers and suppliers.

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