North Syracuse, NY – February 12, 2015 – WYNIT Distribution, LLC announced today a new partnership with BEEVERYCREATIVE, which specializes in cutting edge 3D desktop printing technology that is easy to use and empowers its customers to turn their concepts, ideas and creative projects into physical 3D objects.

As part of this agreement WYNIT Distribution will make BEEVERYCREATIVE’s 3D printer, BEETHEFIRST, available to authorized resellers in the United States. BEETHEFIRST is a professional printer that is easy to use and designed to be the best-looking printer on the market.

“We love the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer’s aesthetics, portability and ease of use. It will be a great option for our reseller community to offer their customers” said Rick Slagle, Vice President of Purchasing, Marketing & Business Development for WYNIT Distribution. “BEETHEFIRST has been very well received by the 3D printer community and we feel strongly about the great value that it delivers to both newcomers to 3D printers and more experienced enthusiasts”

“We are thrilled about the start of sales in the US through our partnership with WYNIT”, says BEEVERYCREATIVE’s CEO Diogo Quental. “BEETHEFIRST, our first 3D printer, has been distinguished with 4 international awards and it’s ideal for all those who just need to print and want to avoid all the hassle around it. It’s sleek but robust, and it can easily be transported from your home to your office in a specially designed BEEPACK. We expect a good response from US customers, who are already giving us the incentive to keep improving and moving forward.”


BEEVERYCREATIVE is determined to be at the vanguard of the desktop 3D printing business and to push forward this powerful technology eager to be discovered. We are committed to develop, deliver and generate user-friendly solutions with innovative approaches and exceptional quality and design.

About WYNIT Distribution, LLC

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