WYNIT Distribution Moving Headquarters to Greenville, South Carolina

North Syracuse, NY – WYNIT Distribution is moving its headquarters to Greenville, South Carolina – a move that will allow the emerging technologies distribution company to continue to grow in the next decade.

Founded in 1987, the company moved a satellite office to South Carolina five years ago and has grown there to 36 employees, who will move to the new headquarters office at the One Building, 1 North Main Street in downtown Greenville, said Pete Richichi, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Over the next several years, WYNIT plans to have approximately 200 employees in downtown Greenville.

Employees in the downtown offices will include the existing teams from the Piedmont, S.C. satellite office, as well as the customer service, purchasing, finance, marketing, components of IT, and logistics teams. All other sales positions will remain in their current locations as part of the consolidation of offices. In addition, key staff will remain in North Syracuse, New York, and Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

“Moving our headquarters has been one of the toughest decisions we have had to make as a business.” Richichi said. “The people of Syracuse are like family to us and it is our sincere hope that most will decide to move south with the company. The company is committed to assisting our people making whatever career decision they make. For a variety of compelling reasons this is the best decision for the company and its employees in the long term. Greenville is a place where we can grow.”

Richichi said that all current employees whose jobs are being affected will get the opportunity to move with the company.

Geoffrey Lewis, CEO and founder of the company said, “We considered a lot of factors when moving our offices to Greenville, the biggest was deciding what will help our company grow well into the future. We believe Greenville will make WYNIT even more successful for years to come.”

WYNIT is a wholesale distributor of products from the top brands in the consumer electronics, photo, wide format printing, security, sports and recreation industries such as Fitbit, Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Canon, Microsoft and more, Richichi said. It serves some of the leading retail giants including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, REI, Kohl’s and more.

Greenville Mayor Knox White said WYNIT brings more than just jobs to downtown. While Greenville’s Main Street has become one of the most celebrated in the nation, it has struggled with bringing large headquarters.

“We are proud that Greenville has been chosen as the new home for WYNIT Distribution’s headquarters, and are honored by the WYNIT leadership’s trust and investment in our city,” White said. “Public/private partnerships are the hallmark of downtown Greenville’s continued success, and with the support of our local business community, our County and State colleagues, and the City’s elected officials and staff, this was truly a team effort.”

For South Carolina, this means another strong economic win, said Bobby Hitt, the state Secretary of Commerce.

“South Carolina’s robust logistics network continues to grow, allowing our businesses to transport their goods and services to marketplaces all over the world,” Hitt said. “Today’s announcement by WYNIT Distribution is a testament to that strong network and will only enhance the Palmetto State’s reputation as an ideal destination for business.”

About WYNIT Distribution

WYNIT Distribution, LLC is a leading international distributor of products from the top brands in the independent retail, photo specialty, specialty printing, security and sports and recreation industries. With headquarters in North Syracuse, New York, the company serves a wide range of customers ranging from large national retailers to value-added independent resellers through dedicated business units and strategically located distribution facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Founded in 1987 WYNIT Distribution, LLC’s mission is to improve the competitive position of its customers and suppliers. For more information, call WYNIT at 1-800-GO-WYNIT or visit wynit.com.

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