WYNIT Logistics

Every business day, WYNIT delivers millions of dollars of products from over 100 top brands to thousands of resellers across the country. With two strategically located distribution centers providing coast-to-coast coverage, we can deliver your product in as little as two days in over 90% of the continental United States.

Take advantage of our wide-ranging resources and years of experience to improve the competitive position of your business in today’s growing market. By partnering with WYNIT Logistics, you can order what you need, when you need it. We will serve as your inventory warehouse and ship orders to your store or directly to your customers, giving you more freedom to market and sell products without the hassles of inventory and shipping.

Your Inventory – Our Warehouse

We will carry the product for you, giving your business a winning edge against your competitors by functioning as your inventory warehouse. You can order what you need when you need it, which allows you to focus on the core of your business, making your store more dynamic.

Setting Higher Standards

WYNIT Logistics has set a goal of “Six Sigma” as a strategy for continuous improvements. To achieve this level of success, our team seeks to improve the quality of processes in the supply chain by practicing lean management and waste elimination to get rid of inefficiencies that impact order/efulfillment.

Focusing our efforts not only on efficiency, but also on growth serves as a foundation for excellence throughout our organization. Setting these standards allow us to enhance the relationship that exists between us, the distributor, and our valued partners.

The WYNIT Logistics Advantage

Along with years of experience, our wide portfolio of services why so many choose to partner with us. Below is a list of services we can offer to support your business:

WYNIT logistics offers clamshell packaging for your inventory. This provides inner graphic flexibility, along with high visibility for products commonly used in retail environments.

Contract Packaging
WYNIT Logistics can offer enhanced customization capabilities through contract packaging, which may include assembly, packing, shipment preparation and more.

Cross Docking
By cross docking, we are able to reduce material handling and keep products moving to minimize delivery times. This results in reduced labor costs and the need to store products in the warehouse.

Heat Shrink Wrapping and Polybagging
We can offer polybagging as a way to bulk package product with a complete bag seal, along with shrink wrapping to provide flexibility and unique package design.

Kitting and Assembly
WYNIT Logistics is able to create a customized kit that is assembled and shipped as one unit to the client’s specific instructions, which increases flexibility for special orders.

Labeling, Pricing and Ticketing
Custom label applications include a variety of applications. From UPC bar codes to point of sale retail product labels, WYNIT Logistics is able to accommodate most labeling requests.

POS display assembly
POS displays are becoming a driving force in product marketing promotions. From full floor displays to counter-top and sidekick units, WYNIT Logistics can help your business with all your POS needs.

Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Solutions
We can offer your business short-term or long-term storage solutions, depending on your requirements. This provides both flexibility and customization, and allows us to improve inventory fill rates.

Software and Firmware Updates
WYNIT Logistics can upgrade the firmware and software that runs many electronic devices as a value-added service.

Temperature-Controlled Storage Environments
In order to better suit your needs and protect your inventory, we can store temperature-sensitive products (such as food, flowers, film, ect.) in a temperature-controlled environment.

WYNIT Logistics offers Transloading as a value add service in order to get product to you more efficiently and satisfy the needs of the customer.

Other Services

  • Competitive freight rates
  • Credit and collections
  • Customer service
  • Inbound receipt, storage, outbound processing
  • Marketing
  • Order management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Technical Support
  • Transportation services
  • Visibility (reporting)

Ready to Learn More?

WYNIT Logistics can support your business with a wide range of services To learn more about how we can help you win with your customers, contact us  today!

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